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LinkedIn Top Voices – Leslie Venetz

How to sell effectively in 2023 The purpose of this article is to interrogate sales experts to share their best advice. As a result, they help in setting perceptible goals, building up a client base, and finding success in the year ahead. The article features experts from LinkedIn’s Top Voices program covering how sales professionals …

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Sales Ten Years Ago vs Today

PLx Summit 2022 Plx Summit is a grand B2B GTM event where people from the top of the leaderboards are invited to escort us into the partner-led future. Leslie Venetz was invited to the PLx summit where she joined in on a discussion about Sales. Leslie is known for her passion towards sales. She is …

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Scale your Sales

Introduction Scale your sales is a platform where Janice B Jordan interviews CEOs, CROs, and Sales Leaders. The show ranked 9/15 most effective platform for sales in 2021. The guests explore the personalities and areas of expertise of the hosts as well as their sales-scaling techniques in each episode. The invited professionals share their knowledge …

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Interactive Coaching Workshop

Did you know that quality coaching can improve your sales performance by up to 19%?  According to the Harvard Business Review, your core performers – the middle 60%, are the most benefited from good coaching. However, even a slight improvement in coaching quality can result in a six to eight percent increase in the performance …

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Are you an insatiable reader and long to increase knowledge about how to give your sales the push it needs?  Leslie Venetz is here with her Business Book Club, 2023, and you can be a part of it. This Book Club is especially designed for B2B professionals to access motivational stories and stimulating ideas that …