December 12, 2022

Interactive Coaching Workshop

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Did you know that quality coaching can improve your sales performance by up to 19%? 

According to the Harvard Business Review, your core performers – the middle 60%, are the most benefited from good coaching. However, even a slight improvement in coaching quality can result in a six to eight percent increase in the performance of nearly half of your sales force. Often, this ends up becoming the difference between hitting and missing your targets.

What makes our Interactive Coaching Workshop unique is the fact that each of our workshops is customized according to a pre-set list of topics that can benefit your sales team the most. 

Our coaching sessions are known for being extremely collaborative and we put our minds together to develop such scripts and templates that can actually be of some use to your team. You also receive a copy of the highlights of our every workshop along with all the co-created deliverables that you can add to your playbooks.

Some of the topics covered in our workshops include –

·       Active Listening

·       Time Management

·       Sales Leadership Training

·       Growth Mindset

·       Buyer-Centric Selling

·       GROW Goal Setting

·       Coaching Frameworks

·       Consultative Selling

·       Sequence Writing

·       Objection Handling for Every Step of the Sales Process

·       Anatomy of a Great Email

·       Anatomy of a Great Call

·       Research & Personalization

·       Territory Management

·       Cold Outreach Done Right

·       LinkedIn & Social Selling

·       Questioning & Needs Analysis

The cost of the Interactive Coaching Workshop Series is $14,600. This includes a series of seven 60-minute customized interactive workshops, a copy of their outlines and all the co-created deliverables that you can collect for your playbook.

Therefore, if you are looking for someone who can train your sales team, then you are at the right place. I can help you look past all the sales-related pretentiousness and deliver practical and applicable skills that actually deliver better commercial results and revenue functions at all levels. Clich here to reach out for a free 15-minute consultation today.

 “If you’re looking for a sales trainer to level up your team just stop now. You’ve found her. Seriously, stop looking. 

You’ll never find anyone better than Leslie Venetz. 

Confident, charismatic and unapologetic, Leslie cuts through all the sales BS to deliver practical, applicable sales skills that actually result in better commercial results at all levels and revenue functions.” 

  • Jeizel Rosenthal, Chief Commercial Officer, Stylus