Generate Revenue From Outbound Selling with The Sales-Led GTM Agency’s Proven Strategy

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Cold Email & Sequence Creation

Are you an sales leader or Founder at a 10-50M revenue organization who wants to run outbound sales motions that generate revenue?

Leslie works with sales-led GTM and commercial teams to build winning skill sets and repeatable processes.

Stop getting ignored and start learning how to Earn the Right to your prospect’s time, attention and consideration.


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Interactive Coaching & Training Workshop

How much would your sales team benefit from converting more cold calls, running better demos, and writing emails that get replies?

After working with you to create a custom syllabus, Leslie leads interactive sales training and interactive coaching sessions proven to leave your team with lasting skills.

During the workshops, we build templates and scripts that you can add to your playbooks. This is *not* a typical training – this is a highly interactive workshop where your team gets to create a deliverable they will actually use.

Best for quota carrying teams of 10+ (SDRs, AEs, CSMs).

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Penetrate the North American Market

Are you ready to test your product or service in the North American market, but don’t know where to start?

As a 3x Head of Sales, Leslie spent over a decade working for British companies with a focus on penetrating the North American market.

In Leslie’s last two Head of Sales roles, she scaled an SDR team and tailored the brand voice to penetrate US-based logos like AT&T, Pepsi & New York Life while adding millions in revenue.

Leslie has also spent time working with teams from Singapore to Paris and Malaysia to Mexico City.

If your team is ready to expand your presence, book a free 15-minute consult to learn more.

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Sales-Led GTM Consultant

Sales-led go-to-market (GTM) places your sales team at the forefront of your revenue strategy.

You need to understand how your sales team can take the lead in driving customer acquisition, revenue growth, and market penetration.

The Sales-Led GTM Agency provides strategic support and real-time consulting to help you understand how to accelerate your path to revenue.

Before you can scale, your sales team needs to have a foundation of repeatable processes. Connect to learn how to get started today.

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