December 29, 2022

Scale your Sales

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Scale your sales is a platform where Janice B Jordan interviews CEOs, CROs, and Sales Leaders. The show ranked 9/15 most effective platform for sales in 2021.

The guests explore the personalities and areas of expertise of the hosts as well as their sales-scaling techniques in each episode. The invited professionals share their knowledge on client expansion and lessons learned. The leaders talk about the difficulties and successes of developing a sales organization.



Janice B Jordan is a customer growth expert and a sales influencer. She was enlisted in LinkedIn’s top 15 innovative sales influencers to follow list in 2021. 


Leslie Venetz is a founder of the Sales Team Builder consulting company. She has been awarded the title of “Head of Sales” three times. Leslie is passionate about transforming sales into an inclusive and respected profession. 

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Things you’ll Learn

  • How to transform sales and make it more inclusive;
  • Importance of storytelling in sales;
  • Normalizing open conversations with your customers;
  • Attracting the younger generation into sales;
  • Encouraging women’s power in sales.

Key Takeaways

  • Connect with the younger generation and teach them about turning sales into a career. LinkedIn isn’t the most effective place to learn about sales for young people. The purpose of Leslie’s TikTok channel was to connect with young people and eager women who are interested in sales.  
  • Storytelling can help in narrating our thoughts to the users. They also realize that their lived experience is not the truth. 
  • Open conversations allow us to track the right and wrong decisions. It also eliminates imminent errors. 
  • Generation Z should be alerted about the superior diversity where white people (mostly men) lead in the sales field. We need to change the inferior diversity we see in current times especially when we move up to higher positions including C-suites.
  • “It feels miserable to work hard and see merely no visible impact.” The above sentence refers to the declining strength of women in sales, even though some of them, including Leslie and Janice, are trying hard to maintain and promote their potential. So there’s lots of work to be done to empower women’s potential in the sales field particularly from the white men that are in power. 
  • The most employer-centric quality is when a person wants to try to hire an expert by respecting their abilities and taking full authority of renting their skills for the most efficient value. 
  • Women have better soft skills and they bring them to the table with better efficiency than men across the board. This includes keeping buyers at the center as without it the organization is going to be left behind and soon drift out of the sales competitors list. This encourages the purpose of letting women lead a sales business to make it more buyer-centric and turn it into a more productive corporation for sales growth.  


Sales will be an optimistic career option in the coming years and the leading generation should learn about its potential. Moreover, women should be praised for their soft sales skills that make the business more buyer-centric and the dominant male professionals that are in power should cooperatively encourage women to lead the sales processes. 

Open conversation and sharing can enhance the sales process and make it more buyer-centric. Sales trainees should be valued for their skills and the hiring manager should act effectively for their skills.