January 10, 2023

Sales Ten Years Ago vs Today

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PLx Summit 2022

Plx Summit is a grand B2B GTM event where people from the top of the leaderboards are invited to escort us into the partner-led future.

Leslie Venetz was invited to the PLx summit where she joined in on a discussion about Sales. Leslie is known for her passion towards sales. She is the founder of Sales Team Builder and has proven expertise in transforming sales into an inclusive and respected profession. 

Take a quick look at a discussion by Leslie, about what Sales looked like ten years ago, and how it has transformed today. The discussion is a part of PLx Summit 2022 on the subject of “Sales Ten Years Ago.” Here is the video’s link.

If your sales team doesn’t extend beyond the walls of the company, you might not make it. See what an ecosystem of sellers looks like…

Here’s a brief of the discussion:

Video Summary

Looking back on the sales process a decade ago, it consisted of email copies and proposals that had a lot of data. Moreover, it was a lot of sellers talking “at” their prospects and even included cringy old-school manipulative sales tactics.

Leaving all of this behind us, where it rightly belongs, today’s sellers should try to lean into curiosity, empathy, and challenges that their prospects are trying to resolve. In short, sellers should try to “partner” with their prospects to help them in the buying process rather than try to sell.

Now, this could mean that the buyers may not always become your customer.  However, the satisfaction of getting to do your job exceptionally will make us the guiding light for the buyers by helping them to make the best possible choice for themselves or their company.