January 10, 2023

LinkedIn Top Voices – Leslie Venetz

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How to sell effectively in 2023

The purpose of this article is to interrogate sales experts to share their best advice. As a result, they help in setting perceptible goals, building up a client base, and finding success in the year ahead.

The article features experts from LinkedIn’s Top Voices program covering how sales professionals can set effective goals and build their skills. To put it briefly, Top Voice is an invitation-only program featuring a global group of experts on LinkedIn that provide various advice. Firstly, they cover a range of topics across the professional world. Secondly, helping members uncover valuable knowledge relevant to them. 

You can visit here to read the full article on how to sell effectively in 2023. 

About Leslie Venetz

Leslie Venetz is a founder of Sales Team Builder LLC. She has now participated for over 15 years in the industry, delivering her passion for transforming sales into an inclusive, respected profession. 

In this article, Go-to-market revenue adviser Leslie Venetz explains how “micro-communities” can build spaces for sales leaders.  As a result, the sales leaders can create communities to have impactful conversations that can help identify new leads.

2023- A Pipeline of Opportunities:

Every year comes with a more advanced version of its precedes. In 2023, micro-communities will become a trend in sales practice. 

Micro Communities- The Future

People will create “micro-communities” in the coming years that will help in creating even more focused, intimate content, instead of further saturating podcasts and blogs. Subsequently, these interactions will help broadcast the impactful discussion to the invention of new leads effortlessly. 

New Year, New Strategy

Leslie elucidates that setting short-term goals would make it easier to conceive more opportunities. For instance, running a race with laps.

First, set achievable short-term goals and try to work on hitting mini milestones. 

“The key to hitting mini-milestones is to get really specific about how you are going to act on the task. Identify how much time it will take, which day of the week or time of day you will do it, what the exact outcome will be, etc. The more specific you can get and the more ownership you have over a positive outcome, the better.”

This strategy will help you build a specific approach toward the target, resulting in getting better and better with every positive outcome you receive. Once you are done hitting mini-milestones, the practice will keep giving better results. 

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