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Winning the Challenger Sale

About the Guest-  Today we have with us Leslie Venetz, founder of Sales Team Builder and an excellent salesperson with 16 years of experience in the sales field. She will share her expertise in using a mutual close plan describing how it can improvise customer support. She will put her insights into the user experience …

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Life Self Mastery podcast interview

About the guest- In this podcast, we have Leslie Venetez, who’s the founder of Sales Team Builder. That talks about how sales representatives get potential customers at first hit. Also she concludes the best structure for onboarding all new sales hires. Leslie also discussed how one should do the best sales subsequently that translate into …

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Just pick a lane when it comes to GTM Strategy and iterate says Leslie Venetz of Sales Team Builder

Market-to-Revenue Interview

10 Go-to-Market Questions in 10 Minutes with Leslie Venetz ABOUT THIS EPISODE Meet Leslie Venetz, Founder at Sales Team Builder. Make it about your buyer. Focus very heavily on referrals. Show up authentically to your community and to your market. Clarity about your ICP: it’s not good enough to talk about everybody that could potentially buy. …

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