Building the outbound sales strategy, repeatable processes & skill sets your B2B sales or service organization needs to thrive

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Leslie Venetz
Founder, The Sales-Led GTM Agency

Leslie will help you build the strategy, processes & skill sets your sales-led organization needs to thrive

Are you an Sales Leader or Founder or Sales Leader of a 10-50M revenue B2B SaaS or service organization that wants to run outbound sales motions that deliver conversations with qualified prospects?

As a 3x Head of Sales with 15-years of experience running successful B2B outbound sales motions, The Sales-Led GTM Agency Founder, Leslie Venetz, is ready to help your team talk WITH buyers instead of AT them.

Why Sales-Led GTM?

We work with sales teams to build winning skill sets and repeatable outbound processes.

Stop getting ignored and start learning how to earn the right to your prospect’s time, attention and consideration.

Whether you partner with The Sales-Led GTM Agency for hands-on training or to deliver proven strategies or repeatable processes for your sales-led GTM motions, Leslie will apply her energy and expertise to ensure you have better conversations with more prospects.

Sales has evolved.

Your team needs to understand how to Earn the Right to the modern B2B buyer’s time, attention and consideration.

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