November 30, 2022

Life Self Mastery podcast interview

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About the guest-

In this podcast, we have Leslie Venetez, who’s the founder of Sales Team Builder. That talks about how sales representatives get potential customers at first hit. Also she concludes the best structure for onboarding all new sales hires. Leslie also discussed how one should do the best sales subsequently that translate into customer success and brand. 

Key points that have been discuss in the podcast-

The podcast has been recorded under–Life Self Mastery with the host Rohit Malhotra.

The questions asked in this podcast are the following-

  1. What are the three ways that Leslie’s team converts her market into revenue?
  1. What are three techniques that GTM teams need to try? 
  1. Who are three operators that should be our next guests and why?
  1. What are three hard problems that she recently overcame?
  1. What are two roadblocks that Leslie is working on now?

Let’s go through all these above questions of how Leslie brought up the solutions:

Leslie has given solutions in her answers. She talks about each and every aspect that reflects how she’s been handling her work around the sales building. She also discovered the fact that falls under sales reps. Not only the experience she shared here from work but also the learnings from her past works which were hard for her to overcome. 

Who is Jen Allen? What are his thoughts on Leslie?

Jen Allen is the chief Evangelist at Challenger, mentioned his thoughts on how Leslie presents a compelling view of things to be mindful of, things to be thinking about. And how you navigate the sales role.

How Sales building is done, discussed on this podcast. 

The whole podcast focuses on Sales reps and building a team. Leslie begins the topic while sharing her strategies for turning the market into revenue. She shares the ways to follow up to let them know how the conversation went, good or bad. And she discussed how it’s been hugely productive for her.

What Leslie covered in the whole podcast?

Leslie also covered showing up authentically to her community, her market, putting the message out there, and understanding that it is not for everybody. Conversations about mental health in sales or inclusivity in sales will not excite everyone. But, for the right segment of her market not only the qualified but the ideal will activate and excite them. That results in some inbound action for her.

Leslie states the three paths. That she’s been taking revenue for Sales Team Builder in the early stages. All has been sort of indirect. She also recommended the three absolute best women in sales or founders in the ecosystem.

Objective behind Leslie’s Discussion 

To market and your customer personas in order to craft your product and messaging. She shares what she finds challenging about the product when she’s done GTM for other products. So that has been a significant challenge. 

Depending on what they are offering, a sales representative’s methods for achieving those goals can vary substantially. The tactics and strategies that a sales representative uses are influenced by things like the nature of the company (B2B vs. B2C), industry, target market, and organizational structure.

The ultimate objective of this podcast is to make sales representatives raise awareness of a company’s offering before using it.  To promote and/or sell that company’s goods and/or services. 

You can check out the episode on iTunes here, Stitcher, Spotify, Youtube, and the podcast page here