November 30, 2022

Winning the Challenger Sale

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About the Guest- 

Today we have with us Leslie Venetz, founder of Sales Team Builder and an excellent salesperson with 16 years of experience in the sales field. She will share her expertise in using a mutual close plan describing how it can improvise customer support. She will put her insights into the user experience and better relationships between the salesperson and the client.

Key points that have been discussed in the podcast- 

The podcast has been recorded under Winning the Challenger Sale with the host Jen Allen. Here’s a snippet.

The questions asked in the podcast are as follows- 

  1. What is a Mutual Close Plan? and what is its Importance
  2. Common patterns in the sales team that lead them to push out the quarter
  3. What if buyers’ prospects push back? How to recover from it? 
  4. Mutual Close Plan: How and when should you use it? 
  5. What is the most significant thing on the buyers’ checklist? 

Now let’s go through our conversation with Leslie and see what’s her vision on these topics:

Leslie is a fearless salesperson who left her well-paid job and started her firm. Today she puts her insights on the Mutual Close Plan. She will share her sales life experience with building buyers’ prospects and managing a sales team. She will also tell us how she accidentally fell into the Mutual Close Plan. 

Who is Jen Allen? What are her thoughts on Leslie? 

Jen Allen is a Chief Evangelist at Challenger. Jen is a renowned influencer in delivering insights and discussions on the topics featured in the Winning the Challenger Sale series. Jen admires Leslie and her concept of the “path for curiosity” which is discussed in the podcast. 

Mutual Close Plan and its Significance:

This podcast is entirely based on Leslie’s perspective of how she brought Mutual Close Plan into her use. Mutual Close Plan helps buyers in making the right choice for the service. This also includes buyer’s consent as we should try to help buyers make the right choice instead of selling to them. 

What Leslie covered up in the podcast

Leslie narrates the sales process from her side of the story, she explains the concept of going through the buyer’s point of view. Coaching the buyer and observing their reaction. Lead with curiosity and follow up with buyers and discover their reactions. Sales team strategies must include every prospect in their timeline so the process doesn’t lead to pushback. 

Leslie states the importance of the process of forecasting where evaluating the sales process must be kept in mind. Explore every skill before starting the entrepreneurial journey, including the Mutual Close Plan.

The objective behind Leslie’s Discussion

Make the Buying process easy and seamless for the buyers, and serve their objectives so well that they get into the buying process effortlessly. Go for the follow-up questions and generate curiosity in buyers’ minds to pay interest in your services. Interact with buyers informally and attractively to build a relationship with your buyers and learn to seamlessly grab their attention. 

Make the buying process frictionless by using a Mutual Close Plan. Introduce your sales team to the buyer’s checklist and prioritize the most significant ones. Interact with the buyers and shortlist their primary needs and focus on those aspects particularly. Connect with the buyers and report them on the pushback, confront much in situations and make your services more credible to the buyer.

The prime objective of this podcast is to introduce every salesperson to the concept of a Mutual Close Plan and help increase synergy between the buyers and sellers.