December 12, 2022


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There are two ways to have people hear you; first is that you keep shouting at them till they turn their heads and second is that you try to establish a good rapport and build a personal connection so that when you speak you feel that you are being heard instead of the words ricocheting in space. 

The first practice is what we observe from sales representatives who when following-up, succumb to the easier practice of automation of default and generic messages which obviously lack in showing personal interest but serves the purpose of the usual mailing practice. 

However, investing more time into intentional and thoughtful follow-ups that communicate through emotions often pays-off with uplifting results. From this particular process you are sending across your willingness to work and partner together meanwhile, distinguishing yourself and taking the lead in building a meaningful relationship going forward. 

This uncommon practice may feel overwhelming in the beginning but there is a simple process to which I adhere to and which has brought me amazing success.

This process is aimed at optimizing follow-ups, for delight and surprise and I do that by adding little playfulness and some fun into the conversations with prospects as it breaks the monotony of the corporate life and tends to bring small joys into the daily commute. This achieves more than filling their inboxes as it gives them a sneak peek into what fun it would be working with me. 

After the discovery calls, I block my calendar to send a short 30 seconds recap video on the same day, revisiting the key-points and goals discussed with the prospects and end them by talking about the next step that usually pertains to sending them the proposal based on their inputs. 

It’s essential to send this video on the same day when the emotions are high as it ensures that they, the prospects, feel heard of their queries and are understood and appreciated by us. You may begin with “I loved your point of view on…” or “the thing I’m most excited to partner on is….” keeping their points on focus.

Although emailing a follow-up is the modern way of communicating, sometimes going “old school” and dropping a handwritten note builds certain interest. 

I do this when I have been invited to their workplace as part of my customer-handoff process to communicate my regards and appreciation. This strategy has been successful across all customer profiles and it is these small gestures that make a big impact.