February 16, 2023

LiveCast Conversation With Leslie Venetz

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Pealed Back 

Pealed Back’s vision is to see a world where all businesses are a place employees love to work at. They work towards that vision by teaching people how to bring enjoyment out of building their lives and businesses.

LiveCast- Conversation with Series

A live and unedited conversation with guests who have created their path to success. Success leaves clues, the LCW turns those clues into billboards. 

Leslie Venetz recently went as a guest on LiveCast Conversation with Show, powered by Pealed Back. 

LiveCast Host: Gene Benier

Gene Benier is a Coach and LiveCast Host who has spent over 20 years in the world of business as a leader in building high-performance teams and delivering predictable results for clients across many industries. 

Leslie attended the LiveCast Conversation show as a guest for their 85th Episode. Visit the link if you would like to hear the podcast

Key Takeaways

Being Busy is Best or Not? 

Maybe, the hustle culture would make you believe that being busy makes you worthwhile. However, it turned out to be a stressful thing for Leslie due to which she came out of two extraordinarily toxic work cultures. Back in 2018, when she started her own business she explained how easy it gets to own your mindfulness instead of trying to get it while working in a corporate job. 

Bigger or Better? 

It’s all about quality over quantity. Leslie explains how she held up to focus on quality which led to becoming better instead of bigger. Subsequently, the better get to be bigger as well, as everyone chooses quality at last. 

Next thing is to get to work in a calm way over being in a hustle and pressured up all the time. However, getting to that phase requires a lot of hard work that eventually makes the process smooth at last. Regardless, the newer generation i.e. the young professionals are learning quite faster and it gets more convincing for them to work more efficiently without stressing out. 

The New Definition of “Buyer-centric”

In the simplest form, it means that the process should be about the buyers, not you. Make it more relevant to them as if they are giving you their time by reading your emails and cold calls then you must value them and work for them with more than just ordinary. 

Shift from KPI-centric to Buyer-Centric

It’s time to enhance the KPI practices by extracting the automation out of it and making it human from a rep standpoint. 

Continuous Improvement

Try to receive information and test it on your sales process and receive inputs on them via social media platforms like LinkedIn. Leslie reads a lot of sales and business books. 

Networking with other aces doing the same thing to know what worked and what didn’t. Also, it helps in preventing the roadblocks that someone has already faced in a similar process. 

Final words

Host Gene Bernier asks Leslie about a piece of advice that the present her would give to 10 years older self. Leslie says “Run and leave your current job as it’s filled with toxicity and you won’t know it for a while so just run. Secondly, set your ego aside and go for the lower offers”.