March 13, 2023

Blissful Prospects: Outbound Squad

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Outbound Squad is a platform that helps you with sales coaching, training and community for B2B reps and sales teams. 

They sponsor a podcast event that helps you learn from the best reps and sales leaders in the game. Here, you can learn how to send better cold emails, make better cold calls, and land more meetings with your ideal clients.

Leslie Venetz was invited to this platform as a Head of Sales at Procurement Leaders. In this episode, Leslie tells us everything we need to know about enterprise prospecting. Let’s dig into the mindset, the approach, and how to leverage actionable insights to land meetings with the C-suite. 

Interested folks can listen to the “Leslie Venetz on Enterprise Prospecting” podcast here

Key Takeaways

How Leslie got into Enterprise 

Financial Officers during the recession period. 200 cold calls for just 4 offers, 2 out of which might even curse you out. As a result, I learned a lot quicker as I learned to convince a person within three seconds that is the usual time people would hang up the call. 

Leslie mentions a few keywords she used while learning to build value and catch the ear of the C-suites in a matter of seconds:

  • Name Dropping
  • Other Businesses that we are working with
  • Concert Analogy

Things to Approach Enterprise from Mindset Perspective

Firstly, Value is the most vital thing that buyers want and should get. The services you provide should be presented with a buyer-centric mindset. Secondly, value the process and be patient while getting the right to get into your buyer’s inbox. Ultimately, this leads to winning the trust of your buyers.  

Insights on Ease in Interaction 

Try to think about what’s important to your client and how the service could be made more relevant to them. Think from their perspective and try to find a narrative that lets you emotionally connect with the buyer. In brief, make it actionable, make it relevant, make it like something users can’t Google or in other words, make it unique. 

Prime Motive of CEO in Enterprise

The prime thing that CEOs in Enterprises care about is growth. Any other person in the C-suite that you are calling on has a responsibility to deliver against that growth agenda. Try to include points like sustainability and supplier diversity in your pitches as that is what resonates with your prospects. 

Create a Mutual Understanding

Have a deep collaboration between the STR team and the AE team. Lately, trying to make it a CRO initiative and get it talked down. We also need to be transparent about our goal for them to become our clients. Make a conversation to not own someone’s money but to create a mutual understanding in a partnership. 

Lead with insights which don’t mean it’s not a commercial conversation but you have to do it so that it doesn’t feel like it is a commercial conversation.  

Focus Less on Timeline and More on Buying Cycle

In the Enterprise field, you will find that it’s very rare to have budgets or leftover budgets. In that case, you need to align with the fiscal year. Moving ahead, try to nurture your client and earn the right to their calendar. The process is similar to planting seeds that give fruitful results in future.